Key features:
· The most complete HTML and XHTML editor available today
· Advanced, fully customizable and familiar text editor
· Syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, javascript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, WML, XML, Perl
· Compliance with HTML, XHTML and various CSS standards
· UTF-8 Unicode support
· Advanced CSS editing with built-in CSS editor
· Advanced javascript editing with built-in javascript editor
· Code Auto Complete for HTML tags
· Code Auto Complete for CSS
· Code Inspector for HTML tags
· Code Inspector for CSS
· Instant preview for HTML and CSS
· Code generators and helpers
· Matching and missing HTML tag highlighting
· Code Library
· Project management and publishing to FTP
· FTP and SFTP connectivity
· Spell Checker
· Ready to use Code Templates
· Search and Replace with Regular Expression Support
· Find and Replace in files
· Integration with CSE HTML Validator
· Code collapse
· Multi Item Clipboard
· Countless goodie features (bracket matching, line highlighting, text indentation...)

What's New:-
· Improved: Find in files result list works even if file has been changed (inaccuracy warning is shown)
· Improved: Wrap at end setting is remembered in Find dialog
· Improved: Replace All in selection now keeps selection
· Added: PHP autocomplete now supports Class A extends Class B
· Added: You can now hide preview tabs
· Added: Find in files results are now counted
· Added: Code Explorer now displays IDs and Classes
· Added: Code Explorer now displays form elements
· Added: Color coding for status bar messages
· Fixed: PHP code explorer no longer misbehaves if string contains more than 2 \s
· Added: Filter in code explorer
· Fixed: Find bug: When a project is changed, look in should change utomatically
· Added: If no text selected in Find box, use the last (not empty)
· Added: Now you can copy search and validation results
· Fixed: Some bugs on Vista
· Added: Preferences window remembers last opened page
· Fixed: When using "Find All" with "Wrap at end" and "Entire Scope" checked and cursor is in t...

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