Blumentals WeBuilder 2010 v10.0.2.118 BiLang | 10.4 MB

Key features:
· Multiple/tabbed document interface
· Taskbar (Document Tabs)
· Familiar MS Office style toolbars
· Workspace layout management
· Customizable keyboard shortcuts

Text Editor:
· Line numbering, Gutter, Margin
· UTF-8 Unicode support
· Word wrap
· Multiple level Undo/Redo
· Search and replace with regular expression support
· Find and Replace in files
· Bookmarking
· Code collapse
· Bracket highlighting
· Block select
· Simple CSS property name checking

Code Syntax Highlighting:
· PHP syntax highlighting
· HTML syntax highlighting
· CSS syntax highlighting
· javascript syntax highlighting
· VBScript syntax highlighting
· ASP syntax highlighting
· XML syntax highlighting
· Perl syntax highlighting
· SQL syntax highlighting

HTML and CSS Code Writing:
· Code Inspector for CSS properties
· Auto Complete for CSS properties
· HTML Color Picker
· CSS Selector Creator
· CSS Selector Browser

javascript Code Writing:
· javascript Function Hints
· javascript Code Explorer
· javascript Code Snippets
· javascript Auto Complete

PHP Code Writing:
· PHP Function Hints
· PHP Auto Complete
· PHP Syntax Check
· PHP Code Explorer
· PHP Code Snippets
· HTML to PHP conversion
· Insert PHP Server Variable

ASP, SSI Code Writing:
· ASP Code Snippets
· ASP Code Insertion
· ASP Object Browser
· SSI Code Snippets
· SSI Code Insertion

Connectivity Features:
· Open documents from HTTP server
· Open/save documents from/to FTP server
· Automatically publish HTML with linked files (images, css, javascripts) to FTP

Code Previewing:
· Built-In Preview (Internet Explorer and FireFox)
· Vertical and horizontal Split Screen Preview for real-time HTML preview
· Preview in External Browser (w/o saving the file)
· Preview on a web server

Productivity Tools:
· Multiple item Clipboard
· Built-in File Explorer
· Code Library
· SQL Database Explorer

Help and Reference:
· Integration with online PHP documentation
· Built-in HTML 4.0 Reference
· Built-in CSS Reference

What's New:-
· Fixed: Enter does not work in file explorer
· Fixed: PHP Code explorer problem
· Fixed: New layouts not installed
· Fixed: Bug in the Find dialog on Windows 2000

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